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Pulse Line Collaborative Training, LLC (PLCT) provides training and consulting for law enforcement, emergency responders, essential personnel, and members of diverse communities. Our trainings have been built on research, established relationships with emergency personnel, as well as collaboration with advocacy groups and members of the public.

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Pulse Line Collaborative Training (PLCT) has partnered with the Autism Society of Colorado to create a dynamic and interactive training program for law enforcement and other first responders. Our goal being to reduce and ultimately abolish unwarranted use of force against people with disabilities and find equity for people with disabilities in the criminal justice system. This training is designed to aid in the protection and retention of police officers, dispatchers, and first responders by providing tools to help them better identify, interact, understand, and foster relationships with people with disabilities in our communities; not only in crisis situations, but during everyday interactions. PLCT provides both in-service and academy trainings that align with (and exceed) the current Colorado POST Academy requirements for disability training.

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Colorado IMPACT Initiative

Grant-funded training to change the way first responders and people with disabilities and mental health disorders interact. Making our communities safer for all.

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PLCT offers customized training hours and focused instructional sessions to provide the most current and up-to-date approaches, techniques and tactics for everyone for law enforcement, dispatch, corrections, fire and EMS services, coroners and their investigators, social services, and other essential personnel.

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Consulting Services
We use our expertise and years of experience to help you.

PLCT provides expert support to help your agency or company. We can assist incident review and debriefing, policy revision and creation, ADA compliance, and many other areas. We can help ensure that optimal services for employees and citizens with disabilities and diverse backgrounds are being provided.

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